Singing regularly can keep your voice younger.  This is a health tip I read on TIME magazine. I’m a good singer. However, people consider me more as a writer than a singer. I have auditioned, and been rejected. I was also part of a choir once in my life. And, now I’m in a brass band. Yes, I play the trumpet.

Talking about singing, let me take first generation kpop idol, Bada into consideration. During the IMF Financial Crisis in Korea, when most people lost their houses and filed for bankruptcy, young Bada had to live on the streets. She, then, auditioned for SM Entertainment, which I have mentioned earlier in one of my posts. In 1996, she debuted as a member of the legendary girl group, S.E.S. Then, we have BoA, who has been gaining popularity in the US (if you’re from the US and don’t know her, it’s okay. You’re not living under a rock). Young Kwon Boa was scouted as a trainee by SM. Her parents didn’t want her to train, but Boa’s determination and talent moved them. In 2000, at the age of 13, she debuted as a solo artiste. Today, she’s one of the most respected people in the Korean entertainment industry.

I think, that people who can sing can heal the world. I believe that Beyonce can heal the world. It doesn’t matter, if you’re tone-deaf. Taemin of  SHINee (Korean boy band) was also tone-deaf and was a terrible singer. Today, he’s known for his improved vocals.


Writing Under The Influence (Happy Birthday, Donghae of Super Junior!)

So, today, I told my friend that I can never really have best friends. I left one in Dubai to shift to India and another left me last year because she “got sick of me.” Since, then I created a personal space for myself. I am myself’s best friend now. The way I see things might be disturbing, funny or sad to many but this who I am.

So, tomorrow is my birthday. I’m not excited or anything because nothing exciting has ever happened. I don’t have the spirit. On 16th October 2000, just another kid was born to increase India’s population and become a hideous pimple in her paternal family history who was saved by her maternal grandparents. Birthdays in my family are not actually for the Birthday Girl or Boy, it’s for the family members who come for every corner and nook of East Delhi. Sometimes, even the Birthday Girl doesn’t know who her parents are inviting. I get invited to the party and what I see is the East Delhi version of My Sweet Sixteen and it’s even more disturbing when I realize that my parents are also contributing to the crap. And then, I contrite when I return to my place trying to figure out why I went to the party. I don’t get these people, sometimes….I mean, all the time.

If I ever get shot on the street and the bullet goes right into my heart, blood will spray from my artery and then, my uncles, aunts and cousins will be like, “Wow! That’s cool! How do you do that?” and my grandparents will stare into space and say, “Is something going on over here?”. Then, they’ll call up their relatives from every corner and nook of East Delhi and Dhaka and say, “Hey, guys! Watch my granddaughter spray blood from her artery! What an exceptional talent!” My parents will be the only ones concerned and then, they’ll be like, “We’re done with this family!”

Anyway, I like setting my self apart (or “cutting off” in layman’s language). I hope I will be remembered as a hideous pimple in the butt of the family (“trailblazer” in sophisticated language) because then I’ll be really honored.

By the way, happy birthday to Donghae Oppa (idiot bias-wrecker!) of Super Junior!