So What Am I Worried About?

I recently had my half yearly exams. I was looking forward to it because I was extremely well-prepared. I was cool and didn’t have to panic at the eleventh hour (something that teens usually do). I stayed cool and spent the break between the exam days as something that I call “Korean Variety Show Marathon Day” or KVSMD.  I have a habit of finishing a three-hour-long exam in one and a half hour and using the next thirty minutes to cross-check. So, it takes two hours after which I hand over the answer sheet and wait for my friends to finish for an hour (a mentally grueling experience). My friends and parents say that I’m very cool and care-free about everything except money and few other things. What am I worried about?

1. Money

I get really paranoid about money. I avoid going to the school canteen and ice-cream parlor because spending even five bucks sets my teeth on edge. I hate shopping. I think it’s stupid that a simple black corduroy pant costs around a thousand rupees and then I have to buy a good t-shirt and a pair of sneakers to go with it. It’s not my own money, it’s parents’. So, it hurts even more. Being a miser is in my nature. For example, when I lend a gel-ink pen to my classmate, I tell her not draw with it because I don’t want to waste ink.

2. Unfunny Jokes

I get that a lot, especially, when I’m with my relatives. It becomes crappier when my parents contribute to the shit.

3. Sounding Sarcastic 24/7

I am very sarcastic. A good friend of mine is a horrible singer (well…at a certain pitch) and she knows it. I often pass sarcastic comments by saying how fantastic her vocals are but she gets irritated. That’s the thing that causes a tension in our friendship so I stopped doing it but, somehow, when I REALLY compliment her, I sound sarcastic and that sort of thing sets me on the edge.

4. Acting Stupid In Auditions

In the month of July, I went for an audition. It was good but my throat dried up and my legs were shaky. Well, go for a live kpop audition with hassled producers as judges and see for yourself.

5. Writer’s Block in The Fan Fiction Genre

Is any one on Asianfanfics or Wattpad? XDD


In My Shoes: Teenage Life Is Not At All Complicated

This blog is not only a blog, its a chunk of random prose that I made from the top of my head. I know I keep ranting and ranting. This post is more of a sketch. I am writing this to give more insight to what it’s like to be in my shoes. I would first like to ask a few questions:are you free? Why are you reading this if you have some work? What’s so good about being in my shoes?

I am just a normal teenager, with a monkey brain. I’m just a retard! I have a lot of options. I am young, talented and ready to face the reality.

I was reading my school magazine’s teen section “Veering Vogues.” I came across my friend’s article. She had written about complex the teenage species is. I agree, teenage species is indeed complex. As a teenager, you have no idea who you are, what your true identity is or what you want from life. Long story short, the teenage species is more of a confused species. I have heard many of my schoolmates say how sorrowful or how complicated teenage life is. Ultimately, a question come to my mind-who can make a teenager’s life complicated? I mean, your life has just started! Many of my teenage friends on Facebook update their statuses as “I want to kill myself!” or “To hell with life!” They say they’re regretting for what might have happened. At one point of my life, teenage life, indeed, is complicated with the kinds of comments or rants I heard from my schoolmates. I, finally, got an answer to my question- it’s primarily us who make our lives complicated. There might have been some sort of serious abuse that a teenager might have faced in life and might have her in complete alienation. But, when it comes to normal teenagers who haven’t faced situations like that, saying teenage life is complicated doesn’t count. Right now, I’m just writing about those teenagers who just think their life is complicated and don’t move their butts to come out of their shell. I once, remember, my Biology teacher saying that posting pics on Facebook is not always going to make big impression in your life because people just don’t give a damn about what you’re doing unless you’re some famous personality. Teenage girls just sympathize themselves and wear oh-what-a-wicked-world expression while talking about themselves. They get into multiple relationships and rant about what’s going on in their personal lives as if we care.

Peer pressure-something I don’t get affected by. The more you let peer pressure take over you, the more you get affected by it. The most common peer pressure in my school is to have boyfriends. With the quality of conversation girls in relationships have at school make me think that being single is much better. You can’t break up with yourself, can you? You have less responsibility and less emotional attachments. Getting into a relationships is just adding up responsibility. And then again, Indian boys are just cross-bred scums. That’s why I think shows like “The Secret Life Of An American Teenager” or “Awkward” are just crap.

Teenage confession Facebook pages-“confession” means “ranting” for overly emotional cowards. At a general assembly at school, our school principal said that she thought that our school confession page is useless. People who “confess” just sympathize with themselves and are just thinking that they’re being victimized all the time. That’s why “ranting” is better!

They way I see it, teenagers should stop “confessing” and thinking how wicked this world is. This world is wicked that’s the bitter reality! If you want to change it, better move your butt and stop sympathizing with yourself because that’s something cowards do.



All-Girls Schools, What An Irony!

So, yesterday, I happen to eat my lunch before recess. It was the fourth period and I was totally oblivious. I’m not one of the gluttons who eat their lunch secretly before class. But I, mistakenly, thought it was recess because a lot was going on in school. We were celebrating the Feast of Our Lady Of Carmel(I study in an all-girl Catholic School). I had got the typical Indian vegetable and chapatti and was eating it while keeping my lunch under the desk. I kept stuffing every morsel in my mouth because I love beans! In fact, I even walked out of the class with my lunch. Thank goodness, it was a free period or I would have a reputation of a glutton. I always play safe, you see. I have reputation of a sincere and quiet student but in reality, I am sort of the opposite. So, I went back to my class and started stuffing my mouth with my lunch. Suddenly, two of the my most annoying classmates who used to be my friends before but I didn’t like there “layer” or whatever because they kept gossiping about boys, forcing me to get into a relationship and complaining about homosexual people. I hate homophobic and racist people! I mean, come on, everyone’s an individual! It was over between them and me but they just keep picking on me! This time they tried to see what I’m eating. Like, seriously, why do you give a damn about what I eat! Now, these devious girls also have a puppet in their hands. This puppet, is has allegedly been stalking me these days. My friends think she has a crush on me because one of my friends asked her why she has been stalking me and she blushed like hell! She has been acting like a sasaeng fan.

I seriously don’t understand my own schoolmates! A homophobic person CANNOT survive in my school. I’m not saying that we are all lesbians or something but it is not a great idea to let teenage girls with raging hormones to study together. When they love each other,they do it greatly. When they fight, they fight like wild cats and pull each other’s hair and whatnot! I mean, last year, when my “ex-friends” picked a fight with me, I fought with words and they kept threatening me saying that they will beat me up and blah blah…And I was like, “Yes, bring it on! I will scream so loud, you’ll get deaf!” Thereafter, they keep picking on me. I guess, they  just can’t forget about me! I’m telling you. I joined this school about four years ago in fifth grade. People in my school cab started boycotting me. Then, I graduated to middle school, that whole year boycotted me and I was like, “Yeah, boycott me! I don’t want to live here, anyway!” Last year was indeed a year of good change. I realized who my real friends are and learnt that you should never be best friends with a teenage girl who’s obsessed with boys. I mean, what so awesome about Indian boys, majority of them are like cross-bred scums.

I cannot stay in a place like Delhi, where people expect corrupting power and fake respect. I rant along with Japanese rock bands like SCANDAL, FLUMPOOL, STEREOPONY and One OK Rock. It makes me feel light.

Back to school! In the second and third floor lavatory of the high school building, there is a single extra-small mirror. Around that mirror, I see about ten girls trying to check themselves. LOL! Who are they trying to impress? Their bitchy girlfriends? I might not fit in this school but everything is so damn humorous! Then, during inter-school sport matches with boys. My classmates go extremely lunatic and act like sasaeng fans. Then, again Indian boys going through puberty are cross-bred scums!

I remember a very funny incident. I had write my final exams in seventh grade and I was sitting with eighth grade students (a complicated seating arrangement to stop students from cheating). Right behind me was sitting my awesome friend. Her bench-mate was an eighth grader and she kept ranting to God to help her and screaming, “Jai Mata Di!” loudly. My bench-mate and I were getting irritated. So, I looked at her and said, “HAVE YOU GONE MAD?”

She said, “Excuse me! I’m a senior here!”

I was like, “Yeah, I can see that, granny! Stop ranting during the exam!”

Since then, she tried her best to bully me throughout the year but I somehow, outdid her. I forgot to mention, she was the head-girl’s younger sister. Senior students should stop ragging junior students. Remember, junior students are much smarter than us. By ragging them, we are just wasting are time. It’s better to love them and befriend them before they fight back and piss you off.


Despite of all these complaints, I have met some interesting people and that’s what makes me feel that I love school!