A Detailed Study of Ulzzangs, and Lookalikes

Last year, in December, my friend told me about how many ulzzangs (extremely good-looking people) can kpop lookalikes can be stalked online. She told me about a half- Japanese half-Filipino guy who looked like Kiseop of U-Kiss. I guess, he’s famous, so I can use his name-Koji Takahashi.

I discovered many things about lookalikes and how “extremely beautiful” they are. My friend liked Koji. The whole thing spread like a wildfire. I got to know his friend, and a few other lookalikes. Miji, the T-ARA Boram lookalike, made a major impression on me and we share the same birthday, despite that she is four years older than me. I even got to know more about a guy who turned out to be a lookalike of EXO’s Chen (not gonna say much about him). I became friends with their friends. All of them are Filipino. I can understand Tagalog so befriending them is easy. I became friends with a butt-load of dance cover artistes and ulzzangs. I sat in India but got all the kpop event news happening in Phillipines! XDD I learnt about kpop lookalikes and ulzzangs.

PH Lookalike of IU
PH Lookalike of IU

Now, let me move to the real deal- ulzzangs as a whole. I got to know about many Korean, Filipino and Malaysian ulzzangs through Tumblr and Facebook. They model and are good-looking and the create the waterworks and “selca/selfie-bombs” online because they know they are good-looking and are worth looking at. I remember chatting with Miji. I know she is pretty and totally admire her for her looks and did tell her that she’s pretty but she kept denying it and it kept me thinking, “You are an ulzzang. You were sent on the face of Earth to look awesome, young lady!!” These people, ulzzangs, know that they are pretty and worth falling for but they try to show how humble and modest they are and we know that they are lying. I accidentally sent a picture of mine. She said that I looked ulzzang. I was like, “This is the second biggest lie you told me, girl! I am not an ulzzang! Haven’t you seen me?! Are you blind?!” I don’t underestimate myself but I know how I look. If you have seen me in person, you know I’m not ulzzang.

Well, ulzzangs come in a variety of packages. I have met the sugarcoated ones, the awesome ones, the bipolar ones and the insecure ones. I even liked a kpop lookalike (Chen lookalike), he started dating another lookalike (WTH!). I was quite okay with it but I haven’t heard about the couple for a while.

People think it’s good to be a lookalike of a good-looking celebrity but I think it’s stupid because what’s so good about looking exactly like that person? You are treated like a clone. For example, a Kpopper might say, “I want to date this kpop lookalike because he looks like my bias.” Some of the lookalikes even imitate the idol they look like. I guess, one is ulzzang when he or she is original and doesn’t look identical to a famous and good-looking person.