I Became An Outlaw and K-POP Fanmeets Can Be Dangerous

So, yesterday, the grand finale of the KPOP World Festival India Qualification was held. The auditorium was “super far away” from my house. So, I  became “super late.” It was a do-or-die situation for me. I had to meet N.Sonic no matter what but I couldn’t enter. I tried and tried. I started throwing tantrums. My friends came to my help and provided passes. The security guard opened the gate no. 4 for some volunteer and I pushed the security guard and got in! We ran to the auditorium hall. It was great! We screamed like crazy fangirls on the top of our lungs! That’s how I became an outlaw!

After the show, a fanmeet event for N.Sonic was held. My friends and I tore the crowd to get in. I could only see their heads! Then, we tore the crowd of crazy fans from the other side but that turned out to be a bad decision. There was a fangirl standing near me. She seemed to be from the North East and behind her was a North Indian fanboy. She suddenly screamed “How dare you touch my butt?!” She beat up the fanboy! I looked at the girl with a feeling of inspiration and felt like helping her but I had no time.  

We only got crushed. A girl pulled my hair! And I got hit near the LED T.V in the lobby. The security guards tried their best ton the got crushed and everyone threw the barricades and then I saw Minki. I didn’t say. I couldn’t because the crew members didn’t let me. But that’s the closest I ever got to an Idol! Fanmeets can be so dangerous!