The Year That Wasn’t-What Could Have Happened For Good But Didn’t

Since I am a teenager, I will only talk about teenagers in this case. Also, I’m from India. Since, India is a third world country. Here, we’ll be dealing with problems that teenagers from the third world face.

  • It’s about time our education system got its shit back together. And, that is, whether or not to detain students. If you’re from the US, let me tell you that here kids aren’t given probation or anything. I think CBSE (Google it) is hoodwinking us. They said they’re making things easier for us. But, every time they change something, teachers become more and more vicious.
  • Teachers get their shit back together. Teachers do everything at the last moment. And, they can be so disorganized. This only makes them look barbaric. I’m sorry. extra classes in this windy winter sucks. Thank goodness, we don’t have blizzards here. Teachers here don’t say “all the best” before the exams. Instead, they say “You can’t do it” or “it’s gonna be very difficult”. Basically, they discourage us, instead of encouraging us.
  • Teenagers are also disorganized. Pulling all-nighters and cramming stuff only ruins your schedule. Get organized. I get it. Teachers can be disorganized, vicious and barbaric (that’s so Indian!). But, you can manage your time.
  • School sucks.
  • Life sucks.
  • Relationships suck.
  • 70 per cent of Indian teenagers commit suicide because exam pressure.


Now, let’s talk about what could have happened for good.

  • CBSE gave up CCE (Google it) system. Banned teachers from giving students stupid assignments instead. Schools now have a probation period for kids who don’t do well.
  • Teachers don’t spread negativity anymore, and are more organized.
  • Teenagers are more organized, and don’t fall into depression.
  • School is fun.
  • Life is awesome.
  • Relationships….. I dunno.
  • Indian parents and teachers start taking depression seriously, because kids who commit suicide, don’t die because they killed themselves, but because you didn’t listen to them. So, you can do the math hereon.


2015 could have been game-changer for many of the third world teenagers. If you’re an Indian teenager reading this, you need to give yourself a lot credit for all the third world problems you faced, and have been facing.



This Post Is Completely Awkward

I can relate to this! LMAO

Abby Has Issues

Ironically, even spelling the word “awkward” is, well, awkward. It’s just one of the small annoyingly awkward things that we’ve all faced at some point in time—usually multiple times throughout a day.

They’re unavoidable. They’re consistently awkward. They’re part of everyday life. And fortunately—unfortunately?—we can all relate…awkwardly.


Bumping into someone at thegrocery storeand saying goodbye, only to see them in every single aisle after that.

Passing a slow driver and then getting stuck next to them at a red light where you have to pretend to busy yourself and avoid awkward eye contact.

When someone catches you accidentally staring at them…twice.

Watching a movie rated anything above PG with people you’re not that familiar with and having a steamy scene last a little too long.

When you see someone waving and think its directed to you and begin to wave back just to learn it was meant for…

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This is what I wrote in my notebook when I got bored in class

Why does she (teacher) have to dictate? Why doesn’t she give us handouts? These are the two burning questions!! I don’t give a damn about earthworms! I’m going to pass out very soon. I’m generally interested…. But right now, I’m not. I’m a human being. I have nothing to do with earthworms. I live in a house. Not in soil. I eat food. Yeah, the earthworm is an old acquaintance of mine (?!).
Edit? I’m not an editor. I ain’t giving no crap about errors. September sucks. Why? Because we got exams and someone’s bound to fail and give a retest. Maria is Nagi’s maid and Hayate is Nagi’s butler (Hayate the Combat Butler anime). Africans have to glow (I’m not being racist). Winters are always severe. If you can’t handle it, go to the Philippines. Flowers are better than people. People can suck sometimes. ‘Miss Dolling’ is a lame name. I don’t want to have a friend named Miss Dolling.
Why should I insert ‘/’ anywhere? Forget about ‘/’, I don’t even have money. Mohenjodaro does not exist anymore. People, today, are dumb. Mohenjodaro people were way cooler and smarter. I don’t care about trade. On WordPress, I met a woman who dreams in Swedish…………

English period ends….. I pass out on my desk


You might have heard of many musical artistes (especially rappers) dissing each other. You might feel angry when an artiste disses your favorite artiste. I would get angry too. Any fan would.

I remember when Kemy if A.Kor  released “Do The Right Thing” to diss 2ne1’s Bom. Many Blackjacks (2ne1 fandom) were angry. At first, I, being a blackjack, was angry too. But I ended up admiring Kemy for her rapping skills and didn’t really care about how she dissed Bom. I just remembered how many times and how many people I diss everyday on my blog and in my conversations. So, who am I to judge?
Don’t we diss people everyday even without thinking that it’ll hurt them?

Zero Gravity

I’m writing this in a taxi which is going to Manali. It’s a famous hill station in India in case you don’t know. I’m on the way and as we go higher and higher, I experience zero gravity and am not able to hear things properly. The roads are scary and with each turn, I experience a flashback of events that have occurred in my life so far. From my window, I can see the brooks flowing on the foothills. The height is tremendous. Suddenly, I get a feeling of adventure and want to go on a steep and narrow road with no civilization visible….and I am. Oh…I see a small shack…there’s civilization! Mountain terrains can be bumper to bumper!

Random Post-Pseudonyms

While studying, I noticed something unusual. Today, celebrities have pseudonyms like “Rap Monster”,”Kai”, “Superwoman”, etc. But famous biologists from the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th century had names inspired from Latin. For example, Carolus Linneaus’ real name was Karl von Linne. Did Latin names sound cool at that time?

Random Post- Sleep

(I wrote this past midnight.) By 9:30, it’s like I’ve taken drugs. But I can’t sleep when I’m on my bed. I get random thoughts. For example, how can Voldemort be Harry Potter’s distant relative, how to open up both my vocal chords easily without getting possessed (refer to The Exorcism of Emily Rose) and all sorts of rubbish. Those thoughts help me to write new posts and stories.

It’s hard to write on the bed because I can’t write properly until both my butt-cheeks or on the chair and both my feet on the ground.

My Head Just Exploded….Can You See The Pieces Flying? Part 1-Annoying People

I don’t really care about critics but one of the readers told me that my blogs are impractical. I felt really conscious but the whole idea of this blog is to be practical. So, I re-read all my posts and asked my mother (my best adviser) what she thought. She said that I was practical like always. I guess, being practical has become the most impractical thing now because human beings want to live in a dreamy wonderland where everything is like cotton candy and life is just a piece of cake. Long story short, we want to live in delusion. Being a hypocrite, living in delusion and being diplomatic has become practical in life.

Anyway, that’s not this post’s about….. I’m going to rant about the most annoying people I’ve met.

I was “Dork Diaries” by Rachel Renee Russell. In one of her diary entries, Nikki says “Why does all the good things happen to evil people or people who don’t deserve it?” That’s somewhat true. There might be this one person who is praised for every crap thing he or she does. For example, if that person finishes her homework on the last minute, her parents are like, “Oh My God! You are so sincere!” Is there anything sincere about finishing your duty at the last moment? I don’t think so! Compliments should be saved for people who really deserve it.

“Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.”-Chris Gardner from The Pursuit Of Happyness

Now, I’ll talk about “Self-esteem Wreckers.” These people try their best to wreck your self-esteem and offend you in every possible way. For example,a this person says “I’ll go to Mumbai and become a Bollywood star!” And then I say “I want to go to Korea and become a K-idol!” She’ll be like ” What will an Indian do in Korea? Don’t do it! It’s hopeless!” And I’m like, “What’s a Delhiite going to do in Mumbai?” I have been trying my luck in k-entertainment and I have realized that you have to go through a butt-load of rejections. I have gone through a lot rejections. Then, to put fuel to the fire my relatives, sarcastically, say, “Did you finally become a Kpop star?” I mean, if I try to get in to Bollywood, do crap roles in crap movies, that’s okay and is I try to prove how talented people in East Asia are, I’m an idiot or “chinki” (overly Indian racist word). 

Who are the most annoying people you’ve met? You can tell me.


Wie ich entdeckte Beobachtungs Humor


Am Donnerstag, 26. Juni (ein sehr wichtiges Datum !!!), gehe ich, um einen Film mit meinen Eltern zu beobachten. Es war ein Bollywood-Film. FYI, glaube ich nicht, ich kann überhaupt nichts aus Bollywood zu lernen.

Jetzt gibt es diese Qualität über mich … Ich kann keinen Grund, in den traurigsten Momente, die ich stoßen lachen zu nehmen.

Also, ich war den Film. FYI, wurde der Film mit dem Titel “Holiday: Ein Soldat ist niemals Pflicht.” Was ich fand, war der ironische Titel des Films-Titel ist “Holiday” und der Untertitel ist LOL “Ein Soldat ist niemals Pflicht.” !!! Also werde ich den “Lead” Schauspielerin “Namen nicht erwähnen, weil dann wäre es wie Bashing sein. DUH !! Das, was ich fühlte über den Film !! Diese Schauspielerin hat wie 10 Filme seit ihrem Debüt im Jahr 2010 nun getan, macht das Sinn? Sie denkt, sie ist die Führung, doch sie eine tragende Rolle bekommt. Ich meine, das Blei Kerl wird immer geschlagen und sie ist gerade auf der Suche an der gehässigen Blick und nickte mit dem Kopf sagen: “Ich weiß, du bist immer verprügelt, Kumpel.” LOL! Nach mir, du bist nicht eine erfolgreiche Schauspielerin oder Schauspieler, wenn Sie eine gute Rolle, wo man sich tarnen zu bekommen. Ich bin kein Anti-Fan, ich bin nur einfach Kritiker. Ich gebe nicht einen Dreck, wie Sie nehmen, was ich schreibe in meinem Blogs. Das ist mein Rant Blog. Ich habe das Recht zu schimpfen feierlichen !!!

BTW, zurück zum Film. Ich verstehe nicht, warum die Songs kommen aus einem Bollywood-Film raus wie eine abscheuliche Pickel! Die Lieder waren gut, aber sie hielt gerade knallen und verschwenden die Zeit aller Beteiligten. Ten vor-Höhepunkt Kampfszene war sehr ernst und verdammt lang, aber etwas hat mich Gag. Ich lachte ihn nur aus! Mein Vater sah mich erstaunt an. Er muss gedacht haben, seine Tochter hat sich zu einer Verzögerung eingeschaltet. Ich bekomme es jetzt … war der übermäßig ,,CG-Fied” gefälschte Aktion. Der Schauspieler richtete seine gebrochenen Knochen im Handumdrehen !!! Wenn ich es wäre, würde ich nicht von meinem Bein gebrochen haben … Ich bin doppelt gebrochen, nachdem alle !!!! LOL! Ich hielt bis zum eigentlichen Höhepunkt des Films zu lachen! Mein Vater dachte, was zum Teufel ich über lachen. Dann habe ich ihm gesagt, dass ich “beobachtet”, was ich sah.

Ich sage Ihnen, machen mir keine traurigen Film zu sehen, ich werde immer noch lachen!

Ich glaube, ich bin ein Spät !!!