Roast Yourself Challenge

I watched a video, wherein Ryan Higa roasted himself. Today, I’m taking this opportunity to do that. I’m too narcissistic. I need this.

I’m such an angsty kid. Oh, and I’m so fat, like why? I’m so sarcastic, people don’t even take compliments from me. I hate to be given advice. I don’t appreciate anything, and I look like I’m giving up on life. I’m so realistic,  that it’s almost like pessimism.  For me, life is a major sorcery. I take rejections all the time. I believe that everything is about me. I’m a stuck-up kid. Oh, and I’m not some very pretty-looking person. My voice is so high-pitched and flat, that I sound like an eleven year old kid,  when I’m going to turn 16. I’m so narcissistic, as if I achieved something great in life.

Now, I challenge you to roast yourself, because we diss so many people everyday. We often forget how many flaws we have. Roasting yourself is as important as praising yourself. If you have superiority complex, you need this. Also, you must know where you stand.

I challenge the following people:
1.Nudge Wink Report
3.Abby Has Issues
4.The Annual

And those of you, who are reading,  join the party!


2 thoughts on “Roast Yourself Challenge

  1. Hi There,
    I saw your conversation with Shonessa, I got a chance to go through your blog, you seem to be a very interesting/optimistic personality. I can see the fire to initiate the change which rarely you can find. You justify the theme “Humour, Rant” actually,
    Especially people generally don’t understand the meaning of writing a blog, its not like writing a diary about yourself but what & how you can write differently. How can anybody contribute anything to society just boasting about themselves and family? We are not making any Karan Johar’s family drama here. I wish I could have a younger sis like you, who has tremendous thinking power/Straight forward kind of personality. Your parents must be really lucky to have you 🙂 I guess. It seems they have given you the leverage to use your knowledge and choose your career as well. I would suggest use your energy for interacting with people who are intelligent enough to understand your level of thinking and competent enough to have the maturity to use their brains at right directions. I would suggest just edit/delete the negative memories if you have any about your extended family. Its not about how many people you add up in your relations, it actually how many relations are meaningful/real. Relations are just numbers if they are fake, I guess you will agree with that. I can see a very bright future after reading your wordpress and wordpad and your achievements in different languages. Pls continue to do best.
    Have a great year ahead.

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