Aspects of a clichéd Korean Drama

Hey, are you scrolling down? Why? Because you don’t like Korean dramas? Well, I ain’t promoting any. When did I ever promote anyone but myself (I can be so narcissistic sometimes)? I’m gonna diss the way dramas are made. There are a few aspects clichéd dramas have, and these dramas are always overrated God-knows-why.

1.The Incompetent Leading Lady

In every clichéd drama, the leading lady is incompetent.  This is more prevalent in the case of teen dramas, where the girl is dumb and she’s like the biggest dork in class. If the leading lady is smart, she’s really, really studious. She’s like those clichéd nerds, who wear thick glasses, keep on studying at their desks, don’t socialize with other kids, and suck at sports. This girl is crazy about the hottie or let’s say Kingka of the school. She has very low self- esteem.

2. The Kingka

The most popular guy in school, a.k.a, the Kingka, is the most desirable guy. He’s cold and has a killer emo/rebel look. The girls love him, and the guys consider him to be the “real man”. He walks in with his gang, and has a facial expression, which says “I didn’t choose thug life, thug life chose me” or “could I be anymore stud?”. Now, this guy is bound to fall in love with the incompetent leading lady, who nobody notices in school. I really don’t understand this. Does she blend in with walls and the furniture in her class or what?

3. The Ugly Best Friend

The leading lady might be pretty and all, but her friend must be ugly or dorky. But, this friend is the most supportive.

4. The Nice Boy who gets ditched

There’s always this nice guy who treats the leading lady with respect.  He’s way better than the Kingka, because he treats her way better than him. But, I don’t know, why girls like bad guys. The leading lady always gets this guy’s heart broken.

5. Being a maid

The leading lady somehow forces herself into slavery for the Kingka, and it always the girl who’s the maid. The Kingka makes her do menial jobs for him. And, they fall in love as usual.

6. Mean Girls

These plastic, fake girls are always pestering the leading lady. The leader is dating the Kingka, and she doesn’t want him to date the leading lady.

Now, I don’t understand how people ship the main girl with the bad guy. I would want her to be with the nice guy, who gets ditched all the time. And why does your heart beat so fast, when the leading lady and the Kingka have a “moment”? It’s kind of ridiculous.

If I had to create my own drama, these would be the aspects.

1. The Overachieving Leading Lady

This girl would be good at everything.  She would be the president of the Student Council.  She would get good grades, have a sports cred, and maybe even, be a guitarist in the school band. She would have a killer personality. She would have high self- esteem and confidence. Guys would go head-over- heels for her, and girls would admire her. She would be the ideal Queenka.

2. The Nice Guy who falls for the Queenka

The nice guy falls in love with the Queenka, and they end up together!

3. The Hella Awesome Friend

She would be considered awesome and she’s as good as the leading lady.

4. Mean Boys

Why do girls always fight amongst themselves?  They don’t! The mean boys hate the leading lady. Her success hurts their ego. And one of the boys falls for her,  because hell yeah.

My drama would be a hit, I guess. It’s good to stand out.


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