Biggest Joke Ever- My IQ

I always thought I’m a smart kid. But, that was long ago, before CBSE proved me wrong. Even so, I took an online IQ test. It said that my IQ is 158. I’m not showing off. This is a big joke. I have never test my IQ before.


IQ Test
IQ Test


The Best Thing Ever

So, I had been shortlisted for an international German seminar alongside 5 other top students. I had to prepare a speech in German on why I deserve to represent my country in that seminar. I worked hard, said my speech, snd gave my number to my teachers. I was happy that this task was over. I really wanted to go abroad, but I was doubtful about my selection.

By the seventh period, there was a rumour circulating around tenth grade that, my friend and I had been selected. We didn’t know ourselves that we were selected. So, we went to the “German Language Room” in the middle school floor. On our way, we met another candidate. She told us that we had been selected. We still didn’t believe her. Finally, we met our teacher. He said normally, “Congratulations, both of you are
going to Germany.” And the next thing we know, we were squealing in the middle of the hallway.

For a person suffering from extreme PMS, this was a grest news. I went totally mental. Now, I can trend in Berlin!

I would really like to thank my teachers, my friends (especially the one who will accompany me) and my parents for always supporting me.

The Ironically Misunderstood will rock Berlin!