Kpop Fanfiction and Tumblr

I have been a member of Asianfanfics since 5 January, 2014. It took me year to register. There was some technical glitch in their site, you see. All that time I only read without logging in.
I was in eighth grade, when I got addicted to it. I realized that K-POP fanfiction is serious business. In fact, some people will offer money to get a fanfiction story written for them.
Plus, if you are too active, you earn “karma points”.
Some authors are now published. It’s quite cool and some stories can be turned into movies.
But, you have to be regular in updating your story. I update my story every Thursday. I jot down notes and type the story out. I don’t really like straight fanfiction. I write gay ones.
You know you’re really addicted to fanfiction, when you run out fanfiction to read under a particular tag.
I have two completed stories. One of them is a one-shot, and the other is chaptered. Plus, I have an on-going story.
I love writing K-POP fanfiction. You already know who your characters are. No matter how you write, your subscribers appreciate it. Also, it’s easy to understand. I have noticed that K-POP fanfiction authors are pretty dedicated to their fanfiction. It’s way more vast than just One Direction Fanfiction or 5SOS fanfiction.

Anyways, I just started my Tumblr blog. My username is eternalmaknaegirl. Tumblr is pretty cool. It’s infested with GIFs, but it’s awesome.

Is anyone on Tumblr? Please follow me.


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