We ain’t givin’ up our favourite meals


I have a lot of respect for talented comedian, Lee Guk-Joo. She’s so awesome. I mean, come on, isn’t she cute? She’s a talented variety performer in Korea and very much admired. At the same time, she’s lucky. She doesn’t have to deal with lewd comments about her body. People, especially the Korean audience, love her sense of humor, and her natural beauty. She’s not made fun of because of her appearance. Can’t we do the same in India?
Women, in general, regardless of nationality, talk about women’s appearance. It’s kind of unfortunate, when you’re a growing teenager, and hear some lewd comment from one of your aunts or any other female relative. They give weight loss advice when not needed (my relatives on Facebook, bring it on!). I’m sorry… I ain’t taking no advice I don’t need. I ain’t giving up my mutton and chicken curry.
It’s even more depressing, when the people I really love are judged.

Anyhoo, no one has the right to call me fat, except me and God.


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