Thinking Out Loud (not the Ed Sheeran song)

Looks can be deceptive. In my case, it’s true. People say that my face yells how bored and uninterested I am in life and that I just prefer to blend in he background. They think I am a person who doesn’t express her opinion out loud. I am a person who stands out. They take my kindness for weakness.
I remember a relative asking me, “You speak up?” Sadly, it was a relative whom I had been visiting since I was a single cell. This proves that she doesn’t have a clue about me. Do I care? No. One of my previous blog posts, I expressed most of my unpopular opinions and it was shared on Facebook. As usual, I got into trouble because of that. I was deemed as ‘hateful’ by most who say that they love me. Now they know how blunt I can be. This is going to be on Facebook and it’s going to happen again. If being blunt is hateful, I am hateful.


One thought on “Thinking Out Loud (not the Ed Sheeran song)

  1. There’s people for you.Most people like to put others in neat,little boxes and put labels on them.My entire life,my friends have called me a boy because (apparently)I dress like one and really don’t care much about my appearance.But then again,I don’t really enjoy sports.This puts a monkey wrench into their whole boy theory.Its so annoying the way they’re constantly acting surprised at everything I do.I guess my point is, people’s perceptions are usually hopelessly narrow minded and not really worth making an effort to change.So I get where you’re coming from.

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