This is what I wrote in my notebook when I got bored in class

Why does she (teacher) have to dictate? Why doesn’t she give us handouts? These are the two burning questions!! I don’t give a damn about earthworms! I’m going to pass out very soon. I’m generally interested…. But right now, I’m not. I’m a human being. I have nothing to do with earthworms. I live in a house. Not in soil. I eat food. Yeah, the earthworm is an old acquaintance of mine (?!).
Edit? I’m not an editor. I ain’t giving no crap about errors. September sucks. Why? Because we got exams and someone’s bound to fail and give a retest. Maria is Nagi’s maid and Hayate is Nagi’s butler (Hayate the Combat Butler anime). Africans have to glow (I’m not being racist). Winters are always severe. If you can’t handle it, go to the Philippines. Flowers are better than people. People can suck sometimes. ‘Miss Dolling’ is a lame name. I don’t want to have a friend named Miss Dolling.
Why should I insert ‘/’ anywhere? Forget about ‘/’, I don’t even have money. Mohenjodaro does not exist anymore. People, today, are dumb. Mohenjodaro people were way cooler and smarter. I don’t care about trade. On WordPress, I met a woman who dreams in Swedish…………

English period ends….. I pass out on my desk


When I Am Tired Of People

I don’t hate people. In fact, I am very sociable and have lots of friends. But looking at the amount of kids in our school, I do get annoyed with people. There are 5,000 kids in our schools. Our school is more populated than a small island in Europe! Whether they’re kids or teachers, I have to bump into everyone. I just get tired of so many people causing so much ‘traffic.’
There are some people whom I just don’t want to start a conversation with during my ‘alone time’ and when they start talking, I want to tell them to speak when spoken to. When many people interrupt my ‘alone time’, I can just blow up. And then, they’ll say that I’m hateful, angry and antisocial.
I listen to a hundred different people with different voices, every single day. And 80 percent have to give me advice I didn’t ask for. I do listen to people. But sometimes, I lose my cool.

Thinking Out Loud (not the Ed Sheeran song)

Looks can be deceptive. In my case, it’s true. People say that my face yells how bored and uninterested I am in life and that I just prefer to blend in he background. They think I am a person who doesn’t express her opinion out loud. I am a person who stands out. They take my kindness for weakness.
I remember a relative asking me, “You speak up?” Sadly, it was a relative whom I had been visiting since I was a single cell. This proves that she doesn’t have a clue about me. Do I care? No. One of my previous blog posts, I expressed most of my unpopular opinions and it was shared on Facebook. As usual, I got into trouble because of that. I was deemed as ‘hateful’ by most who say that they love me. Now they know how blunt I can be. This is going to be on Facebook and it’s going to happen again. If being blunt is hateful, I am hateful.

How do you think in a particular language?

My German teachers say that before speaking or writing German, one must think in German. As far as I have observed my mind, I normally think in English. So, before speaking or writing German or Japanese, I might think in German or Japanese without realizing it. I think it’s better tht way, because if I realize it, then I’ll start thinking in English again. Then, I’ll have to translate the whole thing in German and this process will take ages….. But, even so, how do you tell your brain to think in a particular language? I totally agree with the fact that one must think in a certain language before speaking that language, but how does the brain think in a particular language without the person noticing it?