Zero Gravity

I’m writing this in a taxi which is going to Manali. It’s a famous hill station in India in case you don’t know. I’m on the way and as we go higher and higher, I experience zero gravity and am not able to hear things properly. The roads are scary and with each turn, I experience a flashback of events that have occurred in my life so far. From my window, I can see the brooks flowing on the foothills. The height is tremendous. Suddenly, I get a feeling of adventure and want to go on a steep and narrow road with no civilization visible….and I am. Oh…I see a small shack…there’s civilization! Mountain terrains can be bumper to bumper!


Random Post-Pseudonyms

While studying, I noticed something unusual. Today, celebrities have pseudonyms like “Rap Monster”,”Kai”, “Superwoman”, etc. But famous biologists from the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th century had names inspired from Latin. For example, Carolus Linneaus’ real name was Karl von Linne. Did Latin names sound cool at that time?