So What Am I Worried About?

I recently had my half yearly exams. I was looking forward to it because I was extremely well-prepared. I was cool and didn’t have to panic at the eleventh hour (something that teens usually do). I stayed cool and spent the break between the exam days as something that I call “Korean Variety Show Marathon Day” or KVSMD.  I have a habit of finishing a three-hour-long exam in one and a half hour and using the next thirty minutes to cross-check. So, it takes two hours after which I hand over the answer sheet and wait for my friends to finish for an hour (a mentally grueling experience). My friends and parents say that I’m very cool and care-free about everything except money and few other things. What am I worried about?

1. Money

I get really paranoid about money. I avoid going to the school canteen and ice-cream parlor because spending even five bucks sets my teeth on edge. I hate shopping. I think it’s stupid that a simple black corduroy pant costs around a thousand rupees and then I have to buy a good t-shirt and a pair of sneakers to go with it. It’s not my own money, it’s parents’. So, it hurts even more. Being a miser is in my nature. For example, when I lend a gel-ink pen to my classmate, I tell her not draw with it because I don’t want to waste ink.

2. Unfunny Jokes

I get that a lot, especially, when I’m with my relatives. It becomes crappier when my parents contribute to the shit.

3. Sounding Sarcastic 24/7

I am very sarcastic. A good friend of mine is a horrible singer (well…at a certain pitch) and she knows it. I often pass sarcastic comments by saying how fantastic her vocals are but she gets irritated. That’s the thing that causes a tension in our friendship so I stopped doing it but, somehow, when I REALLY compliment her, I sound sarcastic and that sort of thing sets me on the edge.

4. Acting Stupid In Auditions

In the month of July, I went for an audition. It was good but my throat dried up and my legs were shaky. Well, go for a live kpop audition with hassled producers as judges and see for yourself.

5. Writer’s Block in The Fan Fiction Genre

Is any one on Asianfanfics or Wattpad? XDD


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