My Head Just Exploded….Can You See The Pieces Flying? Part 1-Annoying People

I don’t really care about critics but one of the readers told me that my blogs are impractical. I felt really conscious but the whole idea of this blog is to be practical. So, I re-read all my posts and asked my mother (my best adviser) what she thought. She said that I was practical like always. I guess, being practical has become the most impractical thing now because human beings want to live in a dreamy wonderland where everything is like cotton candy and life is just a piece of cake. Long story short, we want to live in delusion. Being a hypocrite, living in delusion and being diplomatic has become practical in life.

Anyway, that’s not this post’s about….. I’m going to rant about the most annoying people I’ve met.

I was “Dork Diaries” by Rachel Renee Russell. In one of her diary entries, Nikki says “Why does all the good things happen to evil people or people who don’t deserve it?” That’s somewhat true. There might be this one person who is praised for every crap thing he or she does. For example, if that person finishes her homework on the last minute, her parents are like, “Oh My God! You are so sincere!” Is there anything sincere about finishing your duty at the last moment? I don’t think so! Compliments should be saved for people who really deserve it.

“Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.”-Chris Gardner from The Pursuit Of Happyness

Now, I’ll talk about “Self-esteem Wreckers.” These people try their best to wreck your self-esteem and offend you in every possible way. For example,a this person says “I’ll go to Mumbai and become a Bollywood star!” And then I say “I want to go to Korea and become a K-idol!” She’ll be like ” What will an Indian do in Korea? Don’t do it! It’s hopeless!” And I’m like, “What’s a Delhiite going to do in Mumbai?” I have been trying my luck in k-entertainment and I have realized that you have to go through a butt-load of rejections. I have gone through a lot rejections. Then, to put fuel to the fire my relatives, sarcastically, say, “Did you finally become a Kpop star?” I mean, if I try to get in to Bollywood, do crap roles in crap movies, that’s okay and is I try to prove how talented people in East Asia are, I’m an idiot or “chinki” (overly Indian racist word). 

Who are the most annoying people you’ve met? You can tell me.



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