An Important Lesson I Learnt Today

Do you really want something or are expecting something to happen? Just don’t think about it. I say, just forget about it. What the hell am I saying?

Today, during English class, I read something really practical in “Three Men In A Boat” by Jerome K. Jerome. He says that when you put up a kettle to boil your tea and keep thinking about it and waiting eagerly for its whistle, you will not be able to hear the whistle. BUT if you just don’t think about it, it will make such a noise as if it wants to tell you that the tea has been prepared on its own. That sort of applies to real life. Expect the unexpected. As actress Alia Bhatt once said on a variety show that she got really pissed off in the day before the first day of shooting for her debut film, but, eventually, the movie became a success and that was something really unexpected. Yet, if you’re expecting something to happen VERY eagerly and are excited, how can you not think about it? A few months ago, I tried to order a manga from Flipkart. I love manga and was eagerly waiting for the book. Four weeks passed and they said that it was out of stock. You get it, now?

In December, last year, I made a decision to audition for a Korean entertainment agency. I was infuriated by SM Entertainment’s strict laws and how they’re known not to respect Indians. SM holds “Global” auditions every year in USA, China, Japan, Korea (obviously), Thailand and Canada. That’s not exactly global, is it? I sent them an angry e-mail, telling them that they should hold auditions in Delhi. I sent this email on 21st December 2013:

“Dear Audition Manager,
K-Poppers are not at all new in India, especially, in the capital, Delhi and the North East Region. There are so many talented Indian hopefuls in India who want to join SM and have a good base of English, Japanese, Korean or Chinese. I, too, am auditioning via mail. I know SM encourages people all around the world to challenge for their dream and gives a chance to all the talented people. As an Indian, I am requesting you to have a Live Audition in New Delhi, India. I guarantee that you will find great talents in our country.
Yours Sincerely,
Sera Ria Gomes”
A few days later, I totally forgot about the e-mail….till, they sent me a reply eight hours ago. Just EIGHT HOURS ago.
“Hi, this is SM audition manager.

first of all you need to apply for audition via e-mail 
you need send a mail with titles, which include your name/age/gender/ category
attach your video file(dancing), music file(singing) and face-shots without any photoshop done.
thank you.”
What a dumb and late reply! What’s wrong with these people? They named their new girl group “Red Velvet”! LOL! I wasn’t expecting any reply, anyway, by the way.
Anyway, on Friday the 26th, I auditioned for Asian Sing Korean Soul Audition in Moti Bagh. The judge was none other than Don Spike, the guy behind EXO and Kim Bum Soo’s albums. I totally made an arse out of myself. My legs were shivering and my throat dried up just before singing. But, I completed the song. Great, totally great!!! The person who passes this audition, goes to Korea and records an album with Don Spike. I got a message a few days after the audition day, they told me that the selected person will be informed privately. Well, let’s say, it’s NOT me. As, I made an arse out of myself. Whatever the result is, I don’t care. I’m thirteen and a half and I have a butt-load of chances. 
I’m just ignoring the audition thing for a while. I don’t think I’ll be selected. Pissing yourself in front of a famous Korean producer is not good.

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