My Salutation Blog For The Gloss’ Olivia Rite!

Who the hell said only East Asians can join the K-pop industry?!


C’mon! K-pop is a global phenomenon and only a fool can question that!

Rookie girl group, The Gloss has a talented Caucasian French member, Olivia Rite! To people who think that only East Asians can join the K-pop industry! Take this! I salute this outcast woman!!!!


Introducing the most Ironically Misunderstood People I Know….which includes me XDD

This is my second blog post. I just got a hunch last night and decided to name this blog “Ironically Misunderstood.”

Why is this blog titled “Ironically Misunderstood?”

Well, here are the reasons:

1. I think I am Ironically Misunderstood. My personality can be understood easily (according to me) but “ironically” people hardly understand what kind of person I am or what sort of outlook I have. Long story short…….I AM AN OUTCAST!

2. My parents are also Ironically Misunderstood…………Three of us: my mother, father and I are outcasts XDDD

3. I am the most Ironically Misunderstood person in my family.

4. I am a Kpopper and East Asian fanatic.

5. I have my own ways to see things.

6. Most of my friends are all so outcasts!

My mother knew from her childhood that she is an outcast. My darn cousin who loved me so much before followed the herd blindly. According to Robert Frost, taking risks and being different from the usual herd brings success and pure luck. So if you’re an outcast, be proud of it! ^_^

I’m sure 50 years later, I am going to be proud of myself because I am an outcast. My father says, “I am proud of my daughter because she is different.” Not that I’m bragging!

I also follow 2ne1’s CL who says that “All the bad girls out there! Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good, you know! Just light up and burn this place like we don’t care and let them know how it feels darn good to be bad!” In this verse, I refer outcasts as “bad girls.”


Anyway, sorry for the crappy post! XDD