Roast Yourself Challenge

I watched a video, wherein Ryan Higa roasted himself. Today, I’m taking this opportunity to do that. I’m too narcissistic. I need this.

I’m such an angsty kid. Oh, and I’m so fat, like why? I’m so sarcastic, people don’t even take compliments from me. I hate to be given advice. I don’t appreciate anything, and I look like I’m giving up on life. I’m so realistic,  that it’s almost like pessimism.  For me, life is a major sorcery. I take rejections all the time. I believe that everything is about me. I’m a stuck-up kid. Oh, and I’m not some very pretty-looking person. My voice is so high-pitched and flat, that I sound like an eleven year old kid,  when I’m going to turn 16. I’m so narcissistic, as if I achieved something great in life.

Now, I challenge you to roast yourself, because we diss so many people everyday. We often forget how many flaws we have. Roasting yourself is as important as praising yourself. If you have superiority complex, you need this. Also, you must know where you stand.

I challenge the following people:
1.Nudge Wink Report
3.Abby Has Issues
4.The Annual

And those of you, who are reading,  join the party!


Aspects of a clichéd Korean Drama

Hey, are you scrolling down? Why? Because you don’t like Korean dramas? Well, I ain’t promoting any. When did I ever promote anyone but myself (I can be so narcissistic sometimes)? I’m gonna diss the way dramas are made. There are a few aspects clichéd dramas have, and these dramas are always overrated God-knows-why.

1.The Incompetent Leading Lady

In every clichéd drama, the leading lady is incompetent.  This is more prevalent in the case of teen dramas, where the girl is dumb and she’s like the biggest dork in class. If the leading lady is smart, she’s really, really studious. She’s like those clichéd nerds, who wear thick glasses, keep on studying at their desks, don’t socialize with other kids, and suck at sports. This girl is crazy about the hottie or let’s say Kingka of the school. She has very low self- esteem.

2. The Kingka

The most popular guy in school, a.k.a, the Kingka, is the most desirable guy. He’s cold and has a killer emo/rebel look. The girls love him, and the guys consider him to be the “real man”. He walks in with his gang, and has a facial expression, which says “I didn’t choose thug life, thug life chose me” or “could I be anymore stud?”. Now, this guy is bound to fall in love with the incompetent leading lady, who nobody notices in school. I really don’t understand this. Does she blend in with walls and the furniture in her class or what?

3. The Ugly Best Friend

The leading lady might be pretty and all, but her friend must be ugly or dorky. But, this friend is the most supportive.

4. The Nice Boy who gets ditched

There’s always this nice guy who treats the leading lady with respect.  He’s way better than the Kingka, because he treats her way better than him. But, I don’t know, why girls like bad guys. The leading lady always gets this guy’s heart broken.

5. Being a maid

The leading lady somehow forces herself into slavery for the Kingka, and it always the girl who’s the maid. The Kingka makes her do menial jobs for him. And, they fall in love as usual.

6. Mean Girls

These plastic, fake girls are always pestering the leading lady. The leader is dating the Kingka, and she doesn’t want him to date the leading lady.

Now, I don’t understand how people ship the main girl with the bad guy. I would want her to be with the nice guy, who gets ditched all the time. And why does your heart beat so fast, when the leading lady and the Kingka have a “moment”? It’s kind of ridiculous.

If I had to create my own drama, these would be the aspects.

1. The Overachieving Leading Lady

This girl would be good at everything.  She would be the president of the Student Council.  She would get good grades, have a sports cred, and maybe even, be a guitarist in the school band. She would have a killer personality. She would have high self- esteem and confidence. Guys would go head-over- heels for her, and girls would admire her. She would be the ideal Queenka.

2. The Nice Guy who falls for the Queenka

The nice guy falls in love with the Queenka, and they end up together!

3. The Hella Awesome Friend

She would be considered awesome and she’s as good as the leading lady.

4. Mean Boys

Why do girls always fight amongst themselves?  They don’t! The mean boys hate the leading lady. Her success hurts their ego. And one of the boys falls for her,  because hell yeah.

My drama would be a hit, I guess. It’s good to stand out.



I don’t know how to explain my childhood. Obviously, I’m still experiencing it. However, I’m on the cusp of adulthood, seeing that I’m a teenager. I never went to that emo/rebel phase like most teenagers do. I’m not a rebel. Asking for something I deserve is not rebellion. It’s every individual’s basic right.

I probably wouldn’t want to return to my childhood. I had more angst as a child, than as a teenager.  I feel more emotionally stable now. After I graduate from school, I don’t want to go back. I wouldn’t want to return to a phase of my life, wherein I was compared with every other cousin and extra kids, who claimed to be related to me. I wouldn’t want to return to phase, wherein nobody gave a shit about me. Today, they followed me to this website, thinking of this as some kind of showdown. I don’t need sympathy.  I want someone to listen to me. I don’t need advice.

I’m not looking forward to adulthood really.  I’m looking forward to college. Two grades more, and I’ll be done.

I’m not determined to stay unhappy, but, I’m just disappointed that I’m surrounded by so many unnecessary people.  People who claim to be related to me, but,  I feel so lonely.  Is it wrong to stand out? Is it wrong not to be a puppet? I want them to answer these questions right here, if they have the guts. Why do I have to be treated unequally? Well, hell yeah, they don’t deserve my attention.

I’m not writing humor right now. Life is not a piece of cake.  Life is a major sorcery (okay, now I sound emo).

Urban Legends

In a world, where people believe in all kinds of rumours and myths. Urban legends and conspiracy theories have always gone viral. Most urban legends are created out of a set of theories made up by really analytical people, who were part of some kind of cult, or maybe some person with a lot of free time in his hands.

Last night, my friends and I had been looking for Japanese urban legends, because they’re really popular. My friend talked about this website titled “Scary for Kids” (their punchline was “And for adults too”).

So, we read about this Face Slit Woman or Kuchisake Onna. She will ask you randomly on the street, if she’s pretty or not. Prior to that question, she takes of her mask, revealing her creepy slit mouth. It is slit from the sides. If you say ‘no’, you die (obviously). You can say that she looks normal,  because then that will confuse her, and she won’t haunt you. She also appears in Korea. I think, she’s spreading a moral message telling people not to be so judgemental. Also, South Korea is known as the plastic surgery capital of the world. That woman is a trailblazer.

Then, you have Tomino’s Hell poem. If you read it out aloud in Japanese, you die or worse, you go insane. It was a poem mentioned in this book titled “The Heart is a Rolling Stone”. You can read it in your mind. I really didn’t understand it. It was metaphorical. There is a YouTube video with this creepy picture and the audio. Listen to it, at your own risk. It is very scary.

Then, you have this poltergeist named The Bald Man or Ganbari Nyudo in Japanese. He’s a perverted old man who loves to pry at young girls in bathrooms and bedrooms.  If you say his name out aloud, his face will be stuck to your bathroom window, and drools a lot.

Then, you have the forbidden Cow Head story. I wouldn’t mention it here. It’s absolutely traumatic.

However,  the comments were hilarious. For the story of the Tripping Bathroom, a person had suggested to shuffle feet to avoid the tripping, and for the Bald Man, someone had written, and I quote this comedic genius:


Then, there’s this urban legend, which isn’t Japanese, about a pale woman who applied a lot of tanning lotions and went for a lot tanning apointments to salon. Because of the excessive lotion and tanning, she had apparently cooked herself. 
I quote another comedic genius on the internet:

Roast organs! New dish!

The comments always kill the eerie atmosphere. However, you find people with crazy theories of their own. Also, Japan has the craziest, scariest urban legends, high suicide rates, suicide apartments, crazy perv cases, crazy obsessions, and haunted high schools. And so does Korea… Also, there are so many bathroom ghosts.

Humanities Class

I chose Humanities. I love my class. We know our stuff. We discuss reality. We want to change our society.  I like that. I don’t hate the Science class. The thing is, people think Science students are smart. I believe that Humanities students know what’s happening around them. They are aware. Science students often want to rebel. They know they can’t. They don’t have  the guts. Commerce students are rebels. They like rebel against anything and everything. The Humanities students are revolutionaries. They have apt reasons to support their argument. Commerce students have a lot of free time. Science students are wannabe rebels. They think, teenage rebellion is a rad thing. Revolutionaries plan out their rebellion. And, they have good causea behind them. Rebels just rebel. Their rebellion can be unreasonable. This is the difference between rebels and revolutionaries.

Let us free

According to a survey held by ActionAid UK, 79 percent of women have faced some public harassment in India. The stats are kind of shocking. This might include my mother, my aunts, my cousins, and me. Hell yeah, all the women in my family.

Due to this, women are being caged under the garb of safety. Why are women trapped, when they are the ones getting violated? Every citizen has the Freedom of Movement, yet women are told not to go to certain places. Don’t go there. Don’t wear this. Don’t go out after 8. Now tell me. Why does a woman of 25 need a curfew? She needs to be independent at this age. She’s not a teenager anymore. Unknown men? Well, according to a research,  82 percent of women are raped by men they know.

Also, I think, everybody deserves protection-both men and women.  Yet, “protection” is always used for women. When a young boy cries out “rape”, nobody cares. Why? Because he’s not a girl. I watched a touching Buzzfeed video about the traumas of a male rape victim, who found his captor on Facebook. Men are human beings too. Everybody, regardless of gender, needs to learn to be humane.



Singing regularly can keep your voice younger.  This is a health tip I read on TIME magazine. I’m a good singer. However, people consider me more as a writer than a singer. I have auditioned, and been rejected. I was also part of a choir once in my life. And, now I’m in a brass band. Yes, I play the trumpet.

Talking about singing, let me take first generation kpop idol, Bada into consideration. During the IMF Financial Crisis in Korea, when most people lost their houses and filed for bankruptcy, young Bada had to live on the streets. She, then, auditioned for SM Entertainment, which I have mentioned earlier in one of my posts. In 1996, she debuted as a member of the legendary girl group, S.E.S. Then, we have BoA, who has been gaining popularity in the US (if you’re from the US and don’t know her, it’s okay. You’re not living under a rock). Young Kwon Boa was scouted as a trainee by SM. Her parents didn’t want her to train, but Boa’s determination and talent moved them. In 2000, at the age of 13, she debuted as a solo artiste. Today, she’s one of the most respected people in the Korean entertainment industry.

I think, that people who can sing can heal the world. I believe that Beyonce can heal the world. It doesn’t matter, if you’re tone-deaf. Taemin of  SHINee (Korean boy band) was also tone-deaf and was a terrible singer. Today, he’s known for his improved vocals.

I’m Back

After a long hiatus, because of board exams, I’m back.
I’m back with new hope and evaluation anxiety, because my results are gonna be released.

Although,  I have good news. I’m going to be interviewed by Young Germany, a segment from the Deutschland Magazin again.


I had been interviewed previously at Menschen Bewegen 2016.

Witness Protection


I’m scared of heights, because I have a heart condition, and I get serious motion sickness. Not that I throw up, but, I start shivering a lot, my vision blurs, and my chest aches. So, I won’t talk about bungee jumping or roller coasters here.

Public speaking is something that I’m used to. But, I go through stage anxiety before I have to sing onstage. That time, I prefer to be surrounded by strangers, because, my friends have goofy expressions most of the time. Plus, I can grow my fanbase beyond just my friends.